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"Television is a window to the soul"

Stu Armstrong is a regular face on TV and Internet TV Channels , including the hosting and live commentary of many boxing events as well as conducting a number of TV interviews, some live and some pre-recorded of various boxers. Stu has also appeared on BBC News being interviewed as an ‘expert guest’ on Bare Knuckle Boxing in the UK, and has also appeared on the Children’s BBC series the dumping ground. 


Stu is working on various TV projects at present within the world of boxing and other avenues.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss and possible projects or opportunities


Stu has also recenty taken up acting and has finished his first feature film, 'Roofied A Lethal Dose' where he plays the part of Gangster 'Richie', and is currenly playing the role of 'Geordie' in the movie '8ish' both are expected to premiere in 2019


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