Stu Armstrong is a sucessful bestselling author across a number of diffrent book genres.

Stu Armstrong

"The Written Word is Food for the Mind"

Stu Armstrong is a published author with a number of books in different genres to his credit, the first was realised back in December 2013 ‘The Diaries of a Doorman – A Collection of True Short Stories’ which was a smash hi success bestseller and spurned further books in the ‘Diaries of a Doorman Series’

‘The Diaries of a Doorman Volume two – Bouncers and Bravado’ came soon after which was followed up by The Diaries of a Doorman Volume three – Bouncing in the Sun’ and ‘The Diaries of a Doorman Volume Four – Doormen and Divas’

Stu has also published two books of contemporary poetry, ‘Life’ and ‘Second Life’ which drawn from personal tragedy’ from his own life.

Once again breaking the genre mould in conjunction with his own sons Armstrong wrote four children’s books, ‘A Dogs Life’ in conjunction with his son Luca and three books in the ‘Mr Wag and his Extraordinary Dogs’ with his son Sol.

All of Stu’s books can be found for purchase on Amazon worldwide as either Paperback or Kindle Formats.

Stu has also written two guides to being a licenced Door Supervisor in the UK, the first entitled 'So, You want to be a Bouncer?' which was written in conjunction with Ryder Scott from the Channel 4 series 'Bouncers' which was followed up with a second on subject by Stu simply named 'Bouncing'

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