Bare Knuckle Boxing Promoter, Commentator, Interviewer, Radio Show Host, Combat Sports Magazine Columist , Author, Actor, Voice-over Artist, Combat Sports Publicist & host of 'The Knockou' Podcast.

Stu Armstrong


Stu Armstrong Is a live TV boxing commentator and Interviewer, the host of ‘The Stu Armstrong Interviews’ Radio show, a voice over artist and actor, commentator & ringside interview,Bare Knuckle Boxing Promoter and partner in UBKB with Shaun and Amanda Smith, and the owner of 'The KO Media Group', including 'The Knockout' Podcast.


Stu is also a published author with titles including ‘The Diaries of a Doorman’ series of books, 'So, You want to be a Bouncer', 'Boxer', 'Born Fighter'  and many more. Stu’s writing skills and love of combat sports also helps as a regular columnist writing for a number of magazines s well as featuring on BBC with his specialist subject of 'Bare Knuckle Boxing'.


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