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P2P Boxing is coming to Newcastle, Have you got what it takes?


P2P Boxing is a new promotion on the unlicensed boxing scene in the North East, coming from Stu Armstrong who has been involved in the Unlicensed Boxing scene for a number of years in a media capacity, so he is no stranger to the scene.


As we are sure everyone is aware, the unlicensed boxing scene in the North-East is absolutely thriving, with a host of talented fighters making each show a fantastic spectacle, shows such as ‘Fists of Fury’, ‘D-Day’, ‘Rise of the Warriors’, ‘Duel’ and ‘Fight Club Championship have really raised the bar and P2P are setting out to not only meet these high standards but to do something a little different. Stu has been working on a concept for around two years now, think ’The X-Factor’ crossed with Unlicensed Boxing!!


4 Shows

3 Judges

Broadcast LIVE Worldwide

1 Professional Boxing Contract up for grabs to the overall winner!

We strongly believe that a  tournament of this nature would not only draw huge levels interest from both fighters and spectators, but would also help to continue the growth of the brilliant North East Unlicensed scene, whilst giving one talented and skilled fighter the chance  to earn themselves a professional contract.


More and more often in this day and age some of the most talented professional boxers are stepping up from Unlicensed Boxing rather than the Amateur scene,  but it can be a difficult and indeed costly transition to make when stepping up the pro’s. P2P Boxing are looking for the very best, to help them make that transition.


Have you got what it takes? If you think you have then please register your interested now by completing the form below!


Every fighter works hard and risks everything when they step into the ring, so we at P2P boxing feel that it is only right that the focus is on giving the best unlicensed fighters in the North-East, the opportunity to push themselves onto the biggest stage of them all. 


The first show will be on February 3rd 2018 in the amazing venue of The Walker Activity Dome in Newcastle upon Tyne, please like and share the official Facebook page www.facebook.com/p2pboxing for further updates and to meet the team at P2P Boxing over coming days!




Tickets will be available soon, as well as some amazing sponsorship packages. Contact p2p@stuarmstrong.com for details

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